Why The Command Economy Is Best

By Ryanne And Shakyra

command economy

an economy in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a governent.


  • Equality for everyone.
  • Everyone has the same wage, clothes, etc
  • Health care is 100% free!
  • People are never in need of food, water or other necesities

Why Others Think Its Bad

  • People believe it takes away creativity
  • There is no true equality for EVERYONE
  • People don't work because they will get what they need either way

Why Communism Is Good

  • Creativity is not taken away but lessened for the sake of equality. If someone is too creative it might lead to jealousy and put others down and make them feel less than them which would defeat the purpose f equality.
  • Many say it is not equal because there is a ruler. There must be one person in charge of the finances and people in order to equally separate everything
  • People are not given money or necessities if they do not work. In fact there are penalties for not working. So either way you still need to work to get your share.