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Why to choose the Han

The Han dynasty is one of the most succesful civilizations in China. Through a great amount of trade and an organized civil structure, the Han were able to create a stable great empire. The empire flourished and exhibited its own weighted currency system in which it used to further its economy.
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What about the Economy?

Look no further, the Han dynasty prospered from the most abundant trade ever seen. Goods exported on the silk road trade route netted the Han large sums of profits. These profits will not go unnoticed throughout history.
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What do they believe in?

Confucianism is booming in Han China. With the religion being practiced by a large portion of the population, it has been deemed as the state religion. It offers peaceful ideals and morals for the citizens of the Han to follow.
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Whats the caste system like?

The caste system in Han China is very unique compared to the previous civilizations. Han china placed the merchants at the bottom of the caste system due to its views. The merchants were only considered to just being able to make money from others hard work. It was also possible to increase your social standing without marriage or being born into another class.
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What achievement have they made?

The Han dynasty has made new technological advancements that they should be proud of. Some include the weighted currency system along with crop rotations and a division-ed military. This increased trading, production efficiency and and created a more organized military
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Artistic Sytle of Han China

The Han developed their new art style as a blend of Buddhist and traditional art styles. Older materials such as bronze that was used during the Shang dynasty were losing popularity from the artists of Han China.
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Political structure in Han China

The Han follow their own unique political system. While following Confucian morals and principals, their government is often run through a more legalistic view or style.
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