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EVEN MORE Fun New Updates in the Ed Tech World!


After last week's Ed Tech Tips with E. Mosier highlighted some awesome new updates in the ed tech world, there have been even more released! This time, Google has updated several apps on the Google Apps domain for teachers. The updates are spectacular and have the ability to improve our practices in the classroom.

Questioning in Different Formats

If you aren't familiar with an update that was released in Classroom not too long ago, it's pretty awesome. When you're wanting to post a question to the class, you now have the option to make it a short answer or multiple choice question. This makes it really nice if you'd like to run a poll among your students directly in class, or as homework, to simply inquire their thoughts on a lesson or story.

Schedule Assignments to be "Assigned" Later

Another slick update Classroom released is the ability to schedule an assignment to be released at a later date. Instead of having to remember to release the assignment from a Draft format, the scheduling option is now available. The options available to set are the date it becomes an assignment, and even the time!

Coming Soon to Classroom: Parent Notifications!

Teachers, it's time to celebrate! The time has come where Classroom will be adding a Parent contact function this fall. Parents will be able to sign up for e-mail updates on their student's progress as well as upcoming assignments. Additionally, as teachers and the administrator of the Classroom, you will be able to set the notifications that are released and even manually add a parent to the list! Thank you, Google!

Longer Formulas in Google Sheets

If you're a math person, unlike me, you probably use a lot of formulas within Excel or Google Sheets. A neat update that has come out in Google Sheets is the ability to "stretch" the format bar at the top of the screen to include longer formulas. That will allow not only linear formulas to be used, but other more complex formulas as well.

Google Slides Updates

Google also included Slides in its latest round of updates! First, if you're presenting from a computer, you now have the ability to use a laser pointer that has been built in to Slides. Additionally, they have unveiled a new Q&A feature that allows the presenter to connect with their audience and have a discussion simultaneously with the presentation! More information to come on a future Ed Tech Tip!

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