Orthapedic Surgeon

Job description

Job Training

Training to be an orthapedic surgeon requires long and extensive training. Like most doctors, these specialists require 4 years at a pre-medical school. This is followed by another 3-4 years at a medical school. After earning this degree, someone aspiring would enter into a residency for 1-3 years. This is where the trainee gets most of their real world experience and begins working with patients. Although they are working, they are still being trained under another doctor and observing how they conduct their duties. After residency, the trained surgeon will apply to a practice or start their own.


What orthapedic surgeons do

Orthapedic surgeons, you could percieve as, specialized physicians. A physician is someone who reviews a patients symptoms and diagnoses their ailment. This is also true for orthapedic surgeons. They specialize in muscluloskeletal injuries. This means that bone fractures or muscle tears are their specialty. Instead of seeing sick people, they see injured athletes or just people that had a nasty fall. They review their injury, take proper imaging, and diagnose the issue. They then perscribe medication, physical therapy, or conduct surgery if necessary.


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Salary and Benefits

The median salary for an orthopedic surgeon is around $450,000 annual, paying about $210 dollars hourly. This salary however is not including benefits. Including bonus, this job rakes in about $475,000 annually. This along with other benefits makes this job luxurious. Along with a nice social security, disability, and 401K benefit, these surgeons receive a nice pension. Also, they receive a lot of time off, amounting up to about 20 weeks a year! This leave accompanied by the salaries enables some lovely vacations.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What training is needed? - refer to "job training".
  2. What skills are needed? - Patience, focus, caution, and care.
  3. How much room is there for job advancement? - 18% growth in 2012
  4. What all is involved with this job? - both office and hospital work, see section two.
  5. What is the job outlook and salary? -18% growth with an annual wage of $438,000
  6. Why choose this career? - A fantastic oppertunity to explore interests and help others
  7. What may people not know about this career? - It is very difficult and competetive.
  8. What is the normal day? - Office work diagnosing patients or performing surgeries in the hospital.