Think before you send a text

Why use positive language?

why you should use positive attitude

Using positive attitude makes other people think of you as a respectful person. Also it doesn't make other think of you as a person that bullies other people. When using disrespectful language it stays there forever you cant delete it. But talking with the person is different but still either way stay respectful and use positive language.

Do I actually MATTER

Of Corse, everyone MATTERS whether your not likable or are. You MATTER! And anyway you can help others if you realize that you matter. Anyone MATTERS because things you do or things you cant do gets a consequence so it MATTERS if you get hurt. The same thing as this. You MATTER in both ways.

I am here to hear your bad calls

I am here to hear your bad calls because I care and you MATTER also because your problem MATTERS!

I will listen to your problems and I will try to solve every one of them.

TVO can help

TVO can help you access to them about texting and bulling. And to help you learn how to treat bulling on texts.