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Final Issue, May 2019

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San Antonio High School Class of 2019

Safari West

by Jesus Cortez

On Friday May 10, the entire school went on a field trip to Safari West. Once we got there, we had some time to roam around the place and eat lunch. There were many different kinds of animals. From a pink flamingo to a giraffe to ostriches, Safari West has them all. The students got on two open air trams for the tour. Everyone was excited to see the rhino, but the rhino never came out. There were three different colored giraffes. They were of the same kind, but they had come from different regions. There was a light giraffe, a normal colored giraffe and dark colored giraffe. There were also cattle and some of the bulls had extremely large horns. Sadly the horns didn’t have any use and the horns could weigh from fifty to one hundred pounds. There was an area where students could see different kinds of birds and monkeys. The Colobus monkey caught my attention. They had black fur with a little bit of white. Their tails had long white hairs, like a long ponytail. That tail had no physical use except to show off and they were proud of it. There was also De Brazza monkeys. They had a silverish coat of fur on them. It was to used to blend in with their surroundings. Then there was the fastest land primate, the Patas monkey. It could run up to thirty one miles. There were porcupines. The needles that the porcupines had were huge.

Poetry Corner

Poetry Hides

by Cameron Malilay

I find poetry in the empty back roads at the crack of dawn,

I find it in the start up of my car,

to the boost in my turbo,

I find it in the middle of an intersection with the smell of burnt rubber

I find it at the only gas station for miles and miles around at all

I find poetry in the seat of my car as I shift between the gears accelerating.

I find it in the countless night drives I've gone on with my friends,

I find it in the 2 step battles at a local Target parking lot,

I find poetry in an 1998 Toyota Supra with the sound of a beast.

California Coast

by Adrian Noh

The shining ocean reflecting the sun

peeking over the horizon,

water as blue as the sky,

the shapes of clouds look like sheep,

as white and soft as a pillow,

Waves crashing, powerful and strong,

like roaring lions.

The sand under my feet, warm and hot, seagulls gliding in the air, noisy but graceful.

Seashells wash up at the shore near me,

Fish in the distance swim free

When I breathe, I taste the ocean salt in the air,

The sun shines bright and warm,

I feel at peace,

I feel free.

Lynch Creek Trail

by Jesus Cortez

The cars passing over the 101 highway bridge,

Can't see the graffiti under the 101 bridge.

Keep walking further,

And you’ll see buildings.

Once you past that,

It starts to look like a fenced jungle.

The birds are still chirping and the people are still walking.

Old beer cans and bottles lay on the ground,

Just like those beetles in the dirt.

Keep walking forward and you’ll see.

a hidden tent behind a big shrub.

Maybe a homeless person lives there.

Summer Plans!

by Zachary Odetto

Jesus Cortez: “I’m just going to summer school.

Jairo Brambila: “Working at Petaluma Farms.

Nemo Soto: “Working at Della Fattoria and hanging

out with friends at Petaluma High School.

Jack Owens: “Working at Red Boy’s Pizza and buying a car.

Jose Ochoa: “Going to Jalisco, Mexico.

Max Odetto: “Going camping and fishing with family and friends.

Ms. Garcia (Art Teacher): “Sailing the West Indies.

Lena Thellier: “Visiting France and Barcelona.

Colby Torliatt: “Summer school and working on cars.

Mrs. McGarry (Government and English Teacher):

Teaching summer school and going to Tahoe.

San Antonio Writer's Workshop

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We wish everyone a safe and fun summer!