Should Schools Have SchoolUniforms?


Many American students disapproved of mandatory dress codes and school uniforms policies. Personally I think that school uniforms should not have to be made mandatory for all schools to have to wear school uniforms. Well like you should be able to like dress how you want everyday just dressed appropriately and non revealing, like dressing up for your team at school is normal and that should be mandatory but other things like making you where the same thing every day that would mean you would have to wash it ever day which would not be good and would take too long. Teachers and school administrators believe that wearing school uniforms would make the young adults/kids more mature and cause better behavior. Since the 1990`s school uniforms have been made mandatory in as much as 5 nations. That is kind of dumb a lot of people think, because they would want to dress of their choice like normal schools usually do. Dress codes have become increasingly popular since 2006 which is fine because students should have a dress code so they do not come to school in like short shorts, shirts with drugs on them, sagging jeans and more! So it is a good thing that most schools around each country have dress code laws.


In the country of Australia school uniforms are required in all schools. Mostly in just private schools but an also mostly in public school which is very dumb. School administrators are honestly to me not very smart for making school uniforms required in most schools. Kids need to be able to wear what they want every day because you have to wash your clothes you should not have to wear the same uniform and outfit everyday otherwise you will have to wash those clothes everyday and you could grow during the school year and they may not have another size for you if you have a growth spurt during the school year then you would have to wear a small uniform everyday and wash it at home every day. Even some parents have held protests to these requirements for school uniforms or dress codes.

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Going to school every day having to wear the same thing every day is not right. If someone told me Riley you have to wear this yellow uniform every day. For me that would not work. Wearing my normal clothing like Hollister, American eagle, Abercrombie, Pac sun, Nike, Adidas, Express and more. Those are the clothing everyone should be able to wear everyday and whenever they want. Well that is what most teens/ kids would want to wear on a daily basis and then you can wear a new type of clothing every day! Also some school uniforms are very uncomfortable so who wants to be uncomfortable every single school day? Not me or any of my friends for sure.


So, School uniforms should not be made mandatory to wear to school every day. Well who wants to wear the same stupid uniforms every day? Facts show that even parents think it is not the smartest thing to do because you would have to wash it every day and it would just be boring wearing the same school uniforms to school every day. Like kids and teens in Australia mostly have to wear school uniforms to school every day but mostly just private schools but also in public like normal schools. School uniforms were starting to get very popular around 2006 and since then even some schools that are public make you wear the same uniform. You need to be able to wear different varieties of clothing every day because you need to wash your clothes after you wear them at least once or twice or they will start to get dirty. Plus who wants to be comfortable every day the school uniforms are very uncomfortable.

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