The Absolutely True Diary of a PTI

By Peggert Eggerteprest and Alewis Lewisallie

The Wrong Direction by Passenger

This song talks of how the person singing thinks being alone is the best option but realizes it isn't. Junior liked being alone but realized that having friends was the best way for him to get through the school year. They helped him and made him laugh and smile.

Back Home by Andy Grammer

This song talks of how the city won't change the singer and how he will always find his way back home. Junior won't be forever changed by Reardan and will always remember his culture.

The Future's Right in Front of Me by A Great Big World,d.amc

This song tells of how the future is unsure so reflect on the present so you can live your life. Junior should stop worrying about the future so he can focus on the present.

Best Friends, Right? by Amy WInehouse,d.amc

In Best Friends, Right?, Amy reveals her and her best friend's true colors by expressing how much they supposedly hate each other while still being best friends. She says "i can't wait to get rid of you, and surprisingly you hate me too." This really relates to how Junior and Rowdy feel about each other after Junior decides to leave the rez. And some part of this relates to the book's sad excuse for an ending.

Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana,d.amc

Junior has it pretty good in the rez. Arnold has it pretty okay in Reardon. Plot twist; Junior and Arnold are the same person. Junold really does get the best of both worlds. Even when life gets difficult, he manages to bring both lives together in harmony by the end of the book, thus finally finding himself.