7th and 8th Grade News from the Core, September 1, 2015

School News

Labor Day is Monday, September 7th - no school for students! Due to the Labor Day holiday, Friday, September 11th will be an "A" Day.

Tuesday Folders should be emptied every Tuesday night and returned to the Homeroom teacher every Wednesday morning.

As a reminder, NO Cellphone usage at school by students.

Ms. Cerna, Language Arts,

Book order forms are going out in today’s Tuesday Folder. Look for an informational flyer accompanying the form that will point out a couple of books on the order form that will work well with the first quarter TMR requirements. I encourage you to purchase your books through the online store using the class code GMDNM. When you use the online purchase option, you control your payment options/information and shipping location. If you choose to order through the school, please send a check payable to Arkansas Arts Academy for the exact amount. Please do not send cash. Every book that you purchase will help the Language Arts classroom to update its book collection. Happy Reading

and thank you for participating!

Thank you to all of the parents and students who have signed up for Class Messenger and Remind. These two apps have the benefit of keeping all of us in the loop as to assignments, coming events, and quick changes that may occur. At the moment I have the following number of people signed up in each Classroom Messenger Remind

7-1 1 7-1 7 (2 in error)

7-2 0 7-2 0

7-3 0 7-3 7

8-1 0 8-1 4

8-2 22 (yay!) 8-2 17 (yay!)

8-3 1 (in error) 8-3 6

If I placed the words “in error” beside a section, I have people that signed up for the wrong section. Typically this would not be a problem, but there are times when each section is working at different paces so work might be slightly different. Make sure that you are signed up for the correct section. I will use these apps regularly beginning this week. If you have questions or need information, please email me.

 On September 3, students in 8-2 need their copy of The Scarlet Letter (unabridged) in class. Remember that this copy can be a used book, a library book, or downloaded.

 On September 9, Students in 7-2 need their copy of Heidi by Johana Spyri in class.

 On September 9, students in 8-1 need their copy of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke in class.

 On September 10, students in 8-3 need their copy of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke in class.

 Deadline for bringing magazine holders to class is September 4.

Both 7th and 8th grade sections are learning how to construct a GIST summary. This type of a summary takes a non-fiction article and condenses it down to 15-20 words. Both grade levels are also exploring theme in literature.

Ms. Jarrett, Social Studies,

7th Grade - Students are studying the basics of reading a map, including lines of latitude and longitude. Students will be examining the theory of Pangea, determining the purposes of different types of maps, and will begin to study the settlements patterns and ways of life in Canada as we begin our North America Unit. There will be a quiz over geography terms on September 10th (Thursday, "B" class) and September 11th (Friday, "A" class). Students will be encouraged to bring home their ISNs (Interactive Student Notebooks) to study.

8th Grade - Students will compare and contrast the first two political parties, Federalists and Republicans, by focusing on the viewpoints of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Students will explore the involvement of the United States in world affairs in the late 18th century and early 19th century. There will be a writing assessment based on the understanding of these concepts on Sept. 10th (Thurs., "B" ) and Sept. 11th (Fri., "A" class).

Ms. Walker, Science,

Students in all grades are learning about experimental design. The focus is on asking questions that are testable in science. What makes a question testable? Also, they are looking at sample experiments and identifying elements of the experimental design.

In the near future, I will be sending home a request for lab fees. The fee will be minimal. Currently, I am estimating them to be around $7. Since this is my first year as the science teacher, I do not yet know what I have on hand for labs and experiments. The lab fee will be decided once I have an accurate picture of what supplies I do have.

Ms. Welch, Math,

Based on these first few weeks of school, I know this is going to be a marvelous year! Math has gotten off to a great start with a little review and a little new material. As we move forward over the next few weeks, we will spend less in-class time on review so we can focus on covering new material. However, I have challenged all of the math classes to review their multiplication facts, so I encourage you to practice those at home with your child. It has been a long summer and multiplication is the foundation for so many math skills, I know this will be time well spent! For those students who are extremely confident with their multiplication facts, I have challenged them to review factoring and work on squaring and cubing numbers.

Last week I sent home a notice that math assistance would be available from 3:00 – 3:30 each day. I hope you will encourage your child to stop by if they have any questions about homework or what we are working on in class. If your child attends tutoring, please park and come into the middle school office to pick them up. The office will page them from my room to the office.