Effects from Hurricane Katrine

Monday November 19 , 2012.

Hurricane Katrina Imformation.

I am doing Hurricane Katrina. I will tell about my hurricane and its information. I will tell about my hurricane its self and other hurricanes and how other hurricanes are different from mine.

Hurricane Katrina was a active hurricane on top of the warm ocean. It was the most devastating hurricane in the U.S.A. The hurricane hurt 1200 people endangered , 1000 people killed in Louisville and 2000 killed in Mississippi. When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and Mississippi , it cost 75 billion dollars to fix everything that was destroyed there.

Hurricane Katrina gains speed by being on 80 degrees of ocean water or higher , maintained most speed by the ocean water. Each hurricane has its own speed it goes but my Hurricane Katrina only gets its most speed by being on top of warm ocean water.

Hurricane Katrina killed so many friends and families. So many people we divested because it hit so fast and killed so many people in the town people were living in.

The lives that survived the disaster are still having to work to build there homes back together Homes were destroyed and lots of lives were killed. From where the hurricane hit there is still going to have to be allot of time and money out into the homes that were destroyed to get everything back how it use to be.