~ Zoos, Prison Or Paradise? ~

~By: Grady McCleery~

Should Zoos Be Banned?

One Fine, Beautiful day, Little Baby panda Was Sitting In Her Mothers Lap When She Heard A Large Rumbling Noise, Her Mother heard It To, The Both Looked Through The Trees To See Huge truck Bounding Down The Hill, The Pandas Were Confused, The truck Stopped Just A Few yards Away From the Panda, A Tall Man Jumped Out And Walked Towards The Baby And Mama Panda, He Had A Net In His Hand A Tranquilizer Gun In The Other, He Slowly Moved Toward The Baby And Jousted The Net At Her, The Panda Was Caught, He Grabbed The Net And Headed For The Truck, But Then He Stooped In Clear Silence, The Only Thing He Could Hear Were The Sobs And Cries Of The Mama Panda, he Thought A Minute Then Kept going, He Got Into The Car And Put The Net Into The Back Of The Car, he Looked through The Rear View Mirror To See The mama Panda, Standing There Looking Straight at The Mirror Then He Drove Off... Would you Want Some Random Guy Taking Your Child Away, Right In Front Of You, I Definitely Wouldn't!

Zoos, Prison or Paradise?

Are Animals Being Abused In Zoos.

Although Some animals Like Lots Of Attention Most would Rather Live In The Wild were They Can Rome Free From All Of The Walls And Fences Surrounding Them. For Example a zoo in Copenhagen killed And Fed To The Lions a 2 year old giraffe Only because they said they "Had Enough Giraffes",The Worst Part Is They Did It In Front Of Little Kids During A Field Trip. And Just A Week After That Something Even Worse Happened, The Copenhagen Zoo put down a 16-year-old male lion, a 14-year-old lioness, and two young lions this week to make way for a new male lion from the Givskud Zoo, also in Denmark. If I Was the president i would walk straight into that zoo and set all those little poor animals free. Out Of 9 Quotes from 9 authors, or primatologist, 9 Say That Zoos Should Not Exist.

Carl Sagan Says "I think the discomfort That some people feel in going to the monkey cages is a warning." About 15 tons Of elephant tusks were set on fire in an anti-poaching event in Kenya.

Are Zoos Helping Animals?

Are Zoos Helping Animals, Yes They Are, zoos can take animals that are either hurt or almost extinct and breed them so they wont be, so yes in a way they are helping animals live, Most animals That are living in zoos suffered an injury or wound, several were either shot, stabbed, and even burnt. The rhinoceros species is one of the most endangered species because people are cutting of there Horns And Using Them For souvenirs And Medicine, Same Thing With The elephant, People Are Cutting Off there tusks Also for souvenirs. Several Men Took A young rhino to a safe area after a group of men tried to poach it, Which Is Very Helpful To Animals, Of Course


  • At Some Zoos, Some Animals Get To Interact With Other Animals And Become Friends, Unlike In The Wild Were A Friend Mite Bite Off Your Ear.
  • Some Animals Need To be Held In Captivity Either Because Their Hurt Or Almost Extinct.
  • zoos Are One One Of The Most Famous Attractions in the 21st century. Kids go There For Birthday Parties And Class Rooms go There For Field Trips.
  • In The Wild Animals Have A 75% Chance of Dying But In A Zoo They Only Have About A 25% Chance, And They Live Longer in The Zoo.


  • Animals Would Rather Live in the wild than in captivity while hundreds of kids throw stuff or yell and scream at The animals.
  • Most Animals Have Families In The Wild And They Need To Be with Their Families, just like us Humans, We Would Be Devastated If We Were Taken From Our Families.
  • Let's Say That A Animal That lived In Africa Came to A zoo in New York, The Animal could Get Sick From The Different Types Of Food That they Feed Them And Could… DIE.
  • Some Zoo Keepers Say That Animals Like The open Space In The Zoo, but The Amount Of Space In The Wild is About ten Time Larger Than The Amount of space In 3 Zoos combined
  • A Zoo In Copenhagen Killed A Giraffe And Fed It To Lions Only Because They Had No Use For It, And Its Mother Was In The Zoo With The Little Giraffe, The Worst Part Is they Did It In Front Of A Class On A Field Trip, Little Kids Watching A Giraffe get Cut Open And Devoured By Lions.
  • At The Same Exact Zoo In Copenhagen Where They Killed The Giraffe they Shot And Killed 4 Innocent Lions, For Know Reason, Even A Little Cub To, That Zoo Was Responsible For Tons Of Animal Deaths. So How Do You Feel About Zoos Now?

Top Ten Most Endangered Animals! 1=least Endangered 10= Most Endangered

  1. Tiger
  2. Polar Bear
  3. Pacific Walrus
  4. Magellanic Penguin
  5. Leather back Turtle
  6. Bluefin Tuna
  7. Mountain Gorrila
  8. Monarch Butterfly
  9. Javan Rhinoceros
  10. Giant Panda