Interphase 1

Cells undergo a round of DNA replication.

Chromosomes duplicate.

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Prophase 1

Homologous chromosomes link as they condense, forming tetrads.

Crossing over occurs.

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metaphase 1

chromosomes line up in the center of the cell

Chromosomes are attached to spindles

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anaphase 1

Cells starts to pull apart

spindle fibers stretch

chromosomes move to opposite ends

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telephase 1

nuclear membrane forms.

the cell separates into two cells.

centrioles move together

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cytokinesis 1

splits into to cells
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Prophase 2

Starts with 2 daughter haploid cells that have 1/2 the number of chromosomes as the original cell

Centrioles start to move to opposite ends

Spindles start to form

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Metaphase 2

Chromosomes line up in the center of the cell

Spindles attach to the chromosomes

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Anaphase 2

Centrioles split

Chromosomes move to opposite ends

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Telaphase 2 and Cytokineses 2

Nuclear Membrane forms

Centrioles move back together

both cells split into two new cells

Now you have 4 haploid daughter cells

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