by Madeline

The Wampanoag Indians by Bill Lund

Families are important to the Wampanoags. Every parent had a special skill. The young men taught their skills to their sons and the young women taught their skills to their daughters. The men taught the boys how to hunt, fish and , keep the tribe safe. The women showed the girls how to clean the house which is also called a wetu. They also got the food and made the food. The families made clans which is a group of small families related together. The clans moved together just like our families move together too! Each and every clan had a different skill for the mothers and fathers. Long before you were alive they moved in different spots when the season changed. Every year they moved somewhere else for the season. In the summer they moved out to the coast and in the winter they moved into the forest. The forest helped the Wampanoags not be cold in the winter because it blocked out all of the wind. Families are important to us too!

Wampanoags makes crafts. Wampanoags make pottery from clay. They get clay from a cliff called Gay head cliff. They use their crafts as decoration to put around their houses on the inside and outside. They make crafts and they made really pretty crafts! They made paintings of the outdoors and the nature. They also made jewelry just like necklaces and more! The Mashpee Wampanoags made crafts out of Quahog shells which is in the ocean.The color is dark ocean purple. The Wampanoags made a lot of colorful crafts which is made out of clay. The crafts the Wampanoags made were so beautiful that they were in some scenes in movies! The people mostly put all of the outdoor paintings in the movies, but they also put nature paintings in the movie. The Wampanoags sold their crafts to the powwows which if you are wondering means a group of Native Americans as a group together. They normally sold their crafts in the winter but they also sold their crafts in the summer! We make crafts today too, but we get our supplies from stores instead of outside. We can make really pretty crafts too!

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