Year 6 Newsletter

Term 3 - April 25th 2016

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Unit of Inquiry - Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: Distribution of resources affects communities and individuals' access to equal opportunities.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The distribution of resources
  • How access to resources affects communities and individuals
  • How people respond to scarcity

We are currently wrapping up our latest unit of inquiry and have almost finished our summative tasks, which were aimed to help us raise awareness about the distribution of the world's resources;

  • a leaflet about a chosen world resource
  • an info-graphic poster highlighting key facts about that world resource
  • a group impact board highlighting the chosen issues

Coming up...................

After Easter we will be starting a new unit of inquiry under the Transdisciplinary theme of Who We Are. The central idea is 'Changes people experience at different stages of their lives, affect their developing sense of self.' More details will follow.


The recent news article writing sessions have produced some excellent reports by our budding young journalists. We have been looking closely at the news coverage from around the world and are constantly looking for interesting topics to learn about.

Over the past few weeks the children have been reading topical news stories with their parents and have been discussing the following points:

  • Layout - does the article have a variety of images, data, facts and font sizes?
  • Title - does the title catch your attention?
  • Language - can you find any descriptive/informative/persuasive vocabulary?
  • Images - do the images add meaning to the article?
  • Content - does the opening paragraph hold your interest?
  • Opinion - does the article show two sides of the story?
  • Understanding - what does the article suggest?


It's survey time! The children have chosen suitable questions that will attain the public's understanding and perceptions of their chosen subject area. In order to gather good data the children have been asking as many people to participate as possible, so keep your eyes peeled, you may have missed 1 or 2 surveys in your inbox!

The data has helped to form part of their info-graphic leaflets about a chosen resource.

The power of walking in her shoes.

As part of our current unit, the Year 6's have been researching water as a case study. Whilst thinking about taking ACTION for the unit, a few children have suggested that the Year 6's have a sponsored walk to raise money for CARE Australia. The web link to the news article that inspired their thinking can be seen below. Please take the time to read Agnes's story, from Zimbabwe.

Having no access to clean water is devastating communities throughout Africa. In Ethiopia, for example, only 31 per cent of households have access to safe water, and 18 per cent of households have access to sanitation facilities. The money from our sponsored walk will be used to help dig boreholes and wells to free up the hours spent walking, meaning girls can spend more time in school, women can earn an income, and, together, they can help their communities step out of poverty.

The walk is still in the planning stages, but the children would like to see how far they can walk, whilst carrying buckets of water, over a 60 min period. This will enable them to have empathy for the children in Africa that they have been reading about. We will keep you all updated after the Easter Holiday.

Let's give our children a taste of what life was like for Agnes, before the CARE Australia's aid.

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General Notices;

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

  • Last Games session this Wednesday- Swimming begins the following week.

Important Dates:

  • WIS taster days for all children going to WIS will take place week beginning May 9th. you will be informed by letter from WIS which days your child should attend.
  • Exhibition evenings- (attend 1 only) June 15th and 16th