Week of 9-22-14


Yellow team is presenting on chapters six and seven. A reminder also that these two chapter discussions are due on Canvas.

Lisa will also be discussing activities for College Go Week

Following the chapter presentation you will be meeting in teams. ELA teachers will be discussing with you items they have talked with myself and Becca about. One main thing will be the focus on argumentative writing and how to incorporate this into your classroom.

The Change in Guard

New outside duty begins this week. Make sure to check the staff handbook to see who is outside now.


Just a reminder of how important it is to take attendance every class period. This week we had two issues of students not being here yet not being marked absent. It is critical that an accurate attendance is taken each period.


Office Staff

Monday- Deming- Principal meeting (not here for collaboration) and Special Ed. Meeting

Laur- Special Education Meeting

Tuesday- Ackerman- Field Trip

Wednesday- Deming- Field Trip

Thursday- Deming- a.m. Admin Meeting

Cain- a.m. Admin Meeting

Ackerman- Field Trip


Monday- VB Gold vs Busco

VB Blue @ West Noble

Tuesday- VB Blue @ Carroll

Football @ Woodside


Thursday- VB Gold vs Lakeland

VB Blue @ Maple Creek

Saturday- VB Gold @ W.N. Tournament

Field Trips

Tuesday- Blue Team- Lake Visit

Wednesday- Red Team- Lake Visit

Thursday- Green Team- Lake Visit

NE Time

No digital citizenship lessons this week

College Go Week

Below are the events and dress up activities for College Go Week

Monday- College Gear

Tuesday- Neon- With education after high school, your future will be bright.

Wednesday- Camo- Fight the urge to procrastinate and be lazy, push yourself to do your best and maximize your potential.

Thursday- Team Color- Wear as much orange, yellow, red, purple, blue and green as you can for the team you are on. (During NE class count the number of students with your team color on- winner gets an ice cream party on Friday)

Friday- Crazy blue and gold- Show your school spirit!