The Middle East

the Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict

The topic I’m interests in is the energy resource. Energy means when you whenthere’s force or you have lots of feeling to work or do anything. I want to study that topic because i want to learn about different energys and hat happens. Israel to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula Egypt to break ties with Arab nations; pledged peace The U.S. to give Egypt financial assistance “Intifada” erupted in the Gaza StripIsrael to withdraw from territoriesWest Bank/Gaza to become Palestinian entities PLO to stop intifada Israel cracks down Israel gives Gaza to the Palestinians    Jews refuse to leave; Are forcibly removed by Israeli military. Agreeing to conflict in the middle east may want the west to help policy and for middle eastern nations to have a risks to peace. The US military made failed attempts to rescue them.  Iran released them on the day of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as president. Iran condemned the September 11 attacks on the United States and remained on the sidelines during the US-led invasion of Afghanistan.  Israeli security is also a concern for U.S. policy makers. Iranian leaders have taken a hostile stance towards Israel, and Israeli leaders consider Iran to be one of the greatest threats to their coun­try’s security.