Trans World Chemicals

True To Our Company Values, We Innovate To Improve and Build the Future

Neuroscience is one of the areas of knowledge that more scientific results has contributed in recent decades, revolutionizing medicine and how to understand the mind. This has been made possible by technological advances, and scientists from various fields, who have at their disposal products and equipment, such as those Trans World Chemicals offers to conduct their research.

The pharmaceutical industry is today one of the most profitable and influential world business sectors. It consists of numerous public and private organizations dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of medicines for human and animal health.

Trans World Chemicals is a company that is at the forefront of chemical research. Trans World Chemicals has a high level of security in all its processes, are aware of environmental conservation and especially guarantee the quality of all its products.

Our Research Lab Chemicals has a specialized production plant, also have a highly qualified human capital and is formed can ensure the efficient conduct of the various synthesis and directed research for special client. Established in Rockville, Maryland, Trans World Chemicals has a portfolio of private clients and developed as it has great potential for growth and development. Our company creates global solutions to its customers by offering a unique line of chemical products not offered by large chemical supply houses.

We have set a mission to continually update all existing solutions and offer our customers the best suited to their needs in performance, compatibility and price.