reasons why you should not support GMO


Genetically modyfying organisms goes against nature itself. In nature, changes take millions of years, yet with GMOs changes can happen all too quicky. Who are men to play God? And can scientists really have the wisdom to know what will be the best in the long run?
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Wrong Focus

GMO companies are investing in high volume crops such as corn and cotton, instead of crops which could feed a hungry population.
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Too Little Control

There are only 3 food-industry governents controlling GMO companies. Such a small control could allow for many mistakes as well as unsafe practices go by.
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New Allergies

Mixing genes such as those of fish and plants can create many new and unpredicatble allergens which could effect masses.
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Hurts Small Farms

The widespread use of GMOs on big farms can have a great negative impact on small farms. This can also further widen the gap between rich and poor consumers and producers creating social and economic problems.
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