Matunuck Morning Memo

Manta Rays' News Waves 10/26/15


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  • You've Been Boo'ed Begins! The directions for 'boo-ing' will be passed along with Boo The Ghost all week. Please ensure that each classroom is 'boo-ed' by Friday.

    Be creative with the “treat” you give to another class. Consider passing along a class poem, leaf rubbings, fall words, or bring your class to sing a fall song. The “treat” does NOT need to cost any money and should not include food items.

  • Assembly Reminder: At your first class meeting, after this kick-off event, students should make and sign their handprint on colored paper to pledge to keep Matunuck School a bully-free place and to follow the anit-bullying rules.

Once you complete the handprint signatures, each class will then add their handprints to the banner that was shown during the assembly. (More information on the location of the banner coming soon.) You have until the 10/28 class meeting (after our school-wide assembly), to prepare those handprint cutouts. If you would like students to create the handprints as part of your class meeting, that works as well. TAs can assist with cutting out handprints.


  • Introduction of the anti-bullying definition
  • A banner with the 4 anti-bullying rules will be shown
  • 4th graders will show posters of the 4 rules and anti-bullying slogans
  • Video explaining the use and purpose of the Buddy Benches
  • Students go outside and make anti-bullying slogans with chalk and/or pictures portraying the anti-bullying rules

  • RIDE to host Webinars for Administrators and Teachers on PARCC Reports: In preparation for the release of the PARCC results in November RIDE will host webinars for administrators and teachers. These webinars will provide a brief overview of the PARCC assessments, the timeline and access to PARCC results, and resources available for this year's PARCC results release. Specific topics include a preview of the score reports and how educators will access them, a discussion of score expectations, and an explanation of the performance level setting process. Dates and registration information is provided below. These webinars will be recorded and available on RIDE’s website.

PARCC Reports Preview for Teachers:

Oct 29, 2015 3:30 PM EDT: Please register HERE

Nov 3, 2015 4:00 PM EST: Please register HERE


  • Teachers College PD (PDES - 3rd & 4th Grade)

  • I will be at admin for the morning

  • Trick-or-Treat Safety Meetings

9:30 - Grade 3
9:55 - Grade 1
10:20 -Grade 4
10:45 - Grade 2
11:05 - K

  • District Attendance Meeting (3:30 - SKHS)


  • Teachers College PD (PDES - 3rd & 4th Grade)
  • SLO/SOOs submitted


  • Full School Anti-Bullying Assembly (9:20-10:20)

Location for Chalk Activity:

K – Small playground sidewalk

1 – Front of building (Front sidewalk along the school windows)

2 – Big playground (sidewalks)

3 – Big playground (Backtop)

4 –Front Walkway (Walkway leading to front doors & sidewalk between cones)

  • TA Google Training (9:30 & 10:30 - Groups Posted in Office)

  • District DEC Meeting (3:30)


  • Fuel Up to Play 60 Assembly (1:30-2:30)

Upcoming Dates:

11/2: K Writing PD (am @ PDES)

I will be at admin for the morning

District Crisis Committee 3:30 (@ SKHS)

11/4: 1st Grade Writing PD (am @ PDES)

2nd Grade Writing PD (pm @ PDES)

District MTSS Meeting 3:15 (@ CCMS)

Flu Clinic 4:00 (@ CCMS)

11/5: End of Quarter 1

3rd Grade Writing PD (am @ PDES)

4th Grade Writing PD (pm @ PDES)

Faculty Meeting (3:30-5:30)

11/6: Safety Committee Meeting