By: Jillian Greenlee

Helen Keller

Fallon McBride

Fallon McBride was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 8 1/2 months old which is very rare. She is lucky that she survived because her mom tells her storys about how children died because of how high their blood pressure was. It was very hard on both her and her parents because they had to check her blood pressure constantly and if it was too high or too low her parents would have to get her to eat something eat something . When she became older she had to learn how to check her blood pressure on her own. Now she can feel if her blood pressure is too high or too low. She said ¨I used to hate diabetes I used to hate people to ask me about it but I think it is great for people to ask me now I feel like it is a great learning experience for people now to learn it cold be worse and I have my friends and family to help me now¨


Definition of Resilience - A light-hearted animation


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