St.Patrick's Day & Global Marketing

By: Sherine Rehan & Sami Beshir

Part I

St. Patrick's Day a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. This celebration began when St. Patrick died on March 17, 461. Celebrated by about 34 million people and the christian faith.

Interesting Facts:

-100 lbs. of green dye was poured into the Chicago River in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

-Everybody wears Green

-People believed St. Patrick removed snakes but that referred to the Twa (African tribe) from Ireland. Snakes never were found in Ireland, the weather was not suitable.

-St. Patrick was a slave and was born in Britain

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Part II

United States: St Patrick's Day is not a federal holiday in the United States. Schools, businesses and organizations are open as usual. Celebrations concentrate on Irish themed parties, drinks and food. Many people get into the spirit by dressing in green clothing and eating green colored food. Irish clubs and pubs often hold parties or have special deals. Many people spend their funds on drinks and partying during this day

Ireland: Almost all businesses are closed in the Republic of Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day, except for hospitality, like restaurants, pubs, etc. The main attraction of the St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Ireland spends a lot of money country wise.

United Kingdom: In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated in Irish pubs and in cities, such as Nottingham and London where many people with an Irish background live.

Canada: People who have an Irish background or enjoy Irish culture may hold Irish themed parties and serve traditional dishes, such as Colcannon or Irish stew. Colcannon is a dish of mashed potatoes mixed with kale or cabbage and Irish stew is traditionally made with lamb and root vegetables.

Australia: St Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday in Australia but it is a popular event so many restaurants and pubs, particularly those with an Irish theme, are busy on the day. Parking and traffic may be temporarily affected by St Patrick’s Day parades, particularly along the main streets in some cities and towns.

Part III

Product: Shamrock Shake

Place: McDonalds

Price: $1.99 Small $2.49 Medium $2.89 Large

Promotion: St. Patrick's day, its a limited edition product

People: Kids and Teens, because of the color and holiday promotion

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