A Photo Story 3 Production

Content Standards

Geography Strand #8 Communities may include diverse cultural groups.

http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohio-s-New-Learning-Standards/Ohios-New-Learning-Standards Grade Three


Creativity and innovation

Communication and collaboration

Research and information fluency

Digital citizenship

Technology operations and concepts

Instructional Objective

Students will identify the elements of their culture and their nationality.

Summary of the Activity

The lesson plan begins by defining culture.

Then students will look through the magazines and cut out lyrics, popular songs, religion pictures, certain food groups, and receipts that have helped to influence them culturally. Next, students and teacher will scan and create electronic copies of the cultural pictures that the students cut out from the magazines or the photos that the students brought from home. After that, the teacher will use the digital interactive whiteboard to show students how to build their cultural story on Photo story 3. Students will retrieve their own smart boards and head phones if they like. They will log on to Photo Story 3 and create a cultural story with the teacher's assistance. Students will present their initial cultural projects to the class.

Evaluation Plan for Students

Upon modeling, I will circle around the classroom to help students to narrate stories and to record their very own narration. I will be assisting students in adding background music to their cultural story. I will meet with each student when they begin to edit their story and when they begin to make the necessary changes. The students will deliver their cultural stories electronically in a variety of media, with appropriate supervision. Each student will submit their final product to the teacher. Then the teacher will use a rubric to assess to see if the specific objectives have been met: for example, the length, demonstration of Photo Story 3 knowledge, story line techniques, and communication. Then the teacher will assign a letter grade to the student’s cultural presentation projects.

Lesson Reflections and Notes

I choose the Smart boards with Internet Connection because this application gives students a sense of independence and it allows them to create their very own photo presentation and save it as a video file. On the smart boards the children will use the font attributes, color, white space, and graphics to ensure that their cultural stories are appropriate for the defined audience. But I selected the digital interactive whiteboard with internet access to explain how the Photo story 3 website works and this application tool will be a great tool for the students to deliver their cultural presentations to the class.