dallas SPCA

Dallas spca mission statement

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas (SPCA of Texas) is the leading animal welfare agency in North Texas with two shelters and two spay/neuter clinics located in Dallas and McKinney, and serves as an active resource center providing an array of programs and services that bring people and animals together to enrich each others' lives. The agency serves all demographics of the metro DFW area.

In 2013, the SPCA of Texas served the Metroplex community in many ways.

Animals Admitted: 9,376

Animals Adopted: 6,239

Animal Cruelty Investigations: 3,890

Animals Rescued: 753

Clinic Visits: 23,392

Spay/Neuter Surgeries: 11,109

Employees: 159

Volunteers: 912


Dallas Spca Protection

Texas criminal laws only apply to domesticated animals, such as house pets and livestock defined as “domesticated living creature(s) or any wild living creature previously captured” and subject to a person’s care and control. The scope of civil laws are broader and do not differentiate between domestic and wild animals; however, civil statutes adopt a much narrower definition of what constitutes cruelty. Therefore, people could engage in actions that are not prosecutable under Texas criminal laws, but they would be held liable for their actions under civil laws.