Impact 89FM & Turntable.FM Jam Sesh

G-8 Holden Hall on November 27th from 7:00pm-8:30pm

Want your turn to DJ?

Come jam on Turntable.FM on November 27th from 7:00pm-8:30pm and pick music for your peers with the chance to win your very own Jawbone Jambox wireless speaker! We will be banging down the doors of G-8 Holden Hall, but you can join in on the fun anywhere that you can connect to the internet on your computer or smartphone!

Impact 89FM & Turntable.FM Jam Session!

Tuesday, Nov. 27th 2012 at 7-8:30pm

736 Wilson Rd

East Lansing, MI



1) All who wish to participate will either create a Turntable.Fm account, or sign into your existing one. This can be done prior to the event or at the event using MSU WiFi and downloading the Turntable.FM app.

2) Go to the "room" where we're holding this event via the website on your computer ( or on the app in the jambox room.

3) At a first-come-first serve basis, the 5 DJ decks will be populated by the first contestants who will begin to select tracks to play

4) For those of you who don't know this already, Turntable.FM will play one track from each person down the row from left to right, and continue to cycle in that fashion

5) All those not on the decks will be the critics/DJ's-in-waiting, and using the "like/dislike" meter can judge the music... enough likes will keep the DJ on the decks, enough dislikes will remove the DJ and open a slot for the next DJ

6) The person at the end who plays the most liked tracks is the winner!

*There will be a bot referee tallying score.

*Turns for DJs consist of 2 rounds, at which point they will need to leave the decks and wait in line for additional turns

Presented by Impact 89FM and Universal Music Group OnCampus