Sycamore Drive Home Learning Connection

We are excited to engage our young learners with Seesaw!

All remote learning activities and assignments will be accessed through your child's Seesaw account. Parents of students who are currently in a virtual class have had great experiences with Seesaw. Some of the resources in this newsletter may be a review!

Parents/Guardians of students who attend school in person may not have had as much exposure to Seesaw. This resource will introduce you to Seesaw and facilitate a smooth transition to all remote learning should the need arise.

What is Seesaw? Introduction For Families

Your child's Seesaw Account

  • Your child’s teacher sent home learning codes to access your child’s Seesaw account.
  • Students use the Seesaw Class App. Once you log in for the first time on whatever dedicated device your student will be using for remote learning - you won’t have to do it again.
  • Seesaw is the format that we will use to provide daily links for instruction for remote learners. We are excited about using this format since it will put all of our educational links together in one place for easy, stream-lined access.
  • You will receive an email inviting you to connect to your child’s account as a parent. You must accept this invitation to gain access to your child’s learning.


Family Seesaw Account

  • Seesaw is also a parent communication tool that we can use once you are connected. Teachers can send notices and reminders to families all at once or to select people as needed. You can reply to your teacher in this way as well.
  • The great thing is that all notifications can be personalized to suit your needs and can appear on your phone as a push notification. (allow notifications as desired)
  • Parents use the Seesaw Family App. Please download the app wherever you’d like to use it. (phone, tablet, etc)

  • Once you’ve checked it out - please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions.

Let's Practice!

Familiarize your child with the features and tools that Seesaw provides. In order to access the activities, your child will log into their class app or by typing in your browser.

Each activity has been crafted to focus on a Seesaw tool. Please complete these activities at home!

Activity 1- Color Scavenger Hunt (photo tool)

Activity 2- Shape Sorting Activity (moving tool)

Activity 3- Show and Tell (photo and microphone tools)

Art, Music, Physical Education

  • Once logged into student's accounts, go to your child's name at the top left corner of the screen. Click to access a menu that lists different classes your child is enrolled in. Then choose the special that your child would like to work on.
  • Please note that preschool students receive Physical Education.
  • Kindergarten students participate in Art, Music, and Physical Education

Thank you for your support! -Mrs. Dorozynski