Dauson's portfolio

*A little about me!*

How happy am I?

According to the latest happiness test It showed that I was not a very happy person. My score was a 2.21. That score and result was very strange because I am usually a very happy person.

Which side of the brain do I use?

According to the latest brain test. I use my right brain more than my left.

What is my personality type?

I have a great personality type! According to the latest personality test I am

E,S,F, and J. E stands for Extractive, S stands for Sensing, F stands for Feeling, and J stands for Judging,

How do I learn?

According to the latest learning test I learn musical! This means that I can learn through music, Rhymes, and Poems!

My Kudar Results #1

According to Kudar, The top career fields that fit me are Therapeutic comes 1, then Professional support services comes 2, then teaching and training comes 3, then counseling and mental health services 4, then last but not least costumer services comes 5. Since my main one was Therapeutic Services I am going to talk about that.

While working in therapeutic services you work in a group of occupations and you deal directly with patients to provide whatever kind of medical care or treatment they need.

My Kudar Results #2

During the latest Kudar skills confidents test there were five results that could fit you better than the others. The five results were correction services, emergency and fire management services, health informatics, agribusiness systems, and personal care services. I got Health informatics. While working in the health informatics field you work in a group with people and manage health-related information and facilities.

Interest Assessment

During the latest Kudar assessment test I scored a 14 in realistic, a 2 in investigate, a 26 in artistic, a 36 in social, a 25 in enterprising and a 23 in conventional. My highest score was a 36 and it was in social. I guess that means I am very good at socializing!

My personality color

My personality color is yellow and that means I am a very motive fun person!

My long term goals

Go to college

Get a good job

Have a good career

My short term goals

Have good grades for the rest of this year

Take my drivers test

get to drive

My top five weeknesses





5. judgemental

My top five streangths

1. outgoing

2. trustworthy

3. happy

4. creative

5. caring