Mac OS


Basic time line

June 1978- Apple introduces Apple DOS 3.1, the first operating system for the Apple computers.June 1978-Apple release System 1-71984-1991-Apple introduces Mac OS 8. the biggest step to modern Mac OS’s1997- Apple buys NeXT Software Inc. for $400 million and acquires Steve Jobs, Apples cofounder, as a consultant.1997- Apple introduces Mac OS 9.1998-Present-Apple introduce Mac OS X.

Mac systems


 •The first version of the Mac OS (called System) is different from other operating systems from the same time period because it does not use a basic command line interface; it was one of the first operating systems to use an entirely graphical user interface.

System 1-3

 •These releases could only run one application at a time. •System 2.1 introduced the HFS which had real directories, Allowing users to Properly play around with their Computers.

System 5

 •System Software 5 added MultiFinder, an extension which let the system run several programs at once. The system used a multitasking model, meaning that time was given to the background applications only when the running application had  control. •This was arguably the biggest step for apple since their beginning.

System 7 & Virtual memory

 •System 7 was very important to apple as it supported 32-bit meomory, Allowed users to easily create folders and gave way to the apple home menu. But s the most significant feature of System 7 was virtual memory support, which previously had only been available as a third-party add-on.


 •OS X is the tenth major version of Apple's operating system for Macintosh computers. Previous Macintosh operating systems were named using numbers, e.g. Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9. The letter X in OS X's name refers to the number 10, •OS X is a Unix-based operating system built on technology developed at NeXT from the second half of the 1980s until early 1997.