The gift of not giving a "thing"

Use this holiday season!

Create a Kulapool registry and allow friends & family to gift your child an experience!

Are you overwhelmed with too many "things"? Kulapool would like to help start a new tradition this holiday season! Let friends and family know that new experiences will enrich your child's life so much more than toys.

Experiences not possessions drive development in children. Help your children build long lasting memories with hands-on meaningful experiences which will allow them to develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Friends and family have good intentions but don't always have time to participate with your child in fun and enriching experiences. By using Kulapool, they can contribute towards a trip to the zoo, museum or even the activities your child already participates in like soccer, swim, piano, dance, or art.

Create a Kulapool and benefit in many ways

  • Raise well-rounded children
  • Allows others to be engaged with your child
  • Reduce wastage
  • Makes gifting effortless
  • Expands the possibilities