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Select the Perfect Coffee Table

How to Select the Perfect Coffee Table

Are you in the market for the perfect coffee table? The humble and lowly coffee table is one that does not get a lot of attention when it comes to its selection despite the fact that this is one of the most used furniture in the home especially if this is placed in the living room where family or guests congregate.

Lucite Console Table

When buying a coffee table, care, attention, planning, and measuring are should be done because a this table, made from a material or a combination of materials that does not clash with your existing decoration or furniture will do wonders to an otherwise drab room. Whether it's a brand new piece or used furniture, the selection of this type of table should undergo careful thought processes to prevent the buyer from having regrets with his or her purchase.

With that, here are simple yet effective ways that many others have used that helped them successfully buy the perfect table that will be resting place of coffee for their home: Measure the available space in the house and allow about 15" difference between the chair and the table. If you're going to place this table in front of the sofa, buy one that is as tall as the sofa but half its length.

When it comes to the room where you're going to place the coffee table, consideration should be given to the design them of the area concerned. If your room has a traditional design of course you must go with traditional shapes such as rectangles or even ovals. If you're the one who favors contemporary themes, the best tables are those that evoke new-age such as a Lucite table. The retro look can be achieved by adding tables that feature designs coming from the 50s to the 70s. You can also go with opposites such as a combination of traditional and contemporary themes just be sure that the table follows the same lines as that of its surrounding furniture. An example of this approach is using a table that features a lot of leg in front of a skirted sofa.

Not only is the theme considered, because the material with which the table is made of will either make or unmake your theme. A traditional theme will feature wood furniture therefore go with an all wood table or a table with a wood base and a glass table top.

If you're planning on buying a glass coffee table, be sure that you don't live with elderly who have sight problems or very young kids. Doing so poses the danger that these type of persons will accidentally break the glass and may cut themselves. Even if you're not living with these types of people at home, you should choose tempered glass which is stronger than ordinary glass. The sad thing is that it's not easy to tell tempered glass from the untempered ones, so ask the seller for information.

There is no law against buying used furniture. With the economy these days, most people have become smart buyers or at least conscious with their furniture choices. Used furniture allows the buyer to save money but be able to acquire wonderfully crafted designs. Just a warning though that if the furniture smells of urine or smells weird, doesn't buy it. Always check for damages when it comes to second hand furniture and if they can still be repaired, repainted, and refinished and the wood has no rot then you might decide on buying this coffee table

After you've gone through these ideas for choosing the perfect coffee table, you can also go to Coffee Table Furniture Store for more information on the types of coffee table in the market today. If you're design sense for your living room is Victorian, the Marble Coffee Table with ornately designed legs is the perfect choice.

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