Hot Chocolate

Get it :) no..... Ok


Does the type of chocolate affect the time it melts?


I think normal chocolate will melt quicker then the rest.


  • At least four types of chocolates
  • Journal
  • Pantry/foil
  • Thermometer


  1. Unwrap the chocolates
  2. Set them on the pantry
  3. Get journal out
  4. Write down the temperature
  5. Along the way write down what happens
  6. Check room temperature every once in a while just in cased it changed
  7. Make sure they melted on their own don't put hot things close to them
  8. Try 3 times


  • Dark chocolate can last very long
  • Milk and white chocolate
  • Melting chocolate above 94▫️f will not keep its taste
  • Tampering chocolate will make it keep its taste
  • Chocolate can range in color from white to black
  • Chocolate last longer in its wrap
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My hypothesis was wrong because normal chocolate didn't melt quicker then the rest. If I did this project again I will use a timer and keep one of the chocolates wrapped. This project was a basic one no difficulties along the way.