Covered thinly in gold leaf or gold paint

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was the leader in the steel industry. In most peoples opinions he is a captain of industry. In the last 18 years of his life he gave away money to charities. In 1901 he sold his company to J.P Morgan for $480 million
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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is known for creating the telephone. It was completed in 1876. Other people helped in the process of creating the phone. He worked at a deaf school while trying to invent a machine that transmits sound by electricity.
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Child labor

Children were forced to work because of their ability to fit into tiny places. Truant officers patrolled factories to get the children into schools. By 1890 18% of the labor forced consisted of children between 10 and 15.
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Union Pacific

Began construction on the transcontinental line of Nebraska. Tens of thousands Irish and Chinese laborors laid the track. As the two track meet there were put together with the last nail, the golden nail.
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Made by: Grace H Volkmann