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Compass 2020: Power On Alanton & Reach for the Stars!

June 13-17

Thank You!

A big thank you to Donna Stockburger for hosting the Alanton staff at her home this Saturday and to the Staff Welfare Committee for organizing a wonderful event! It was great to spend time with colleagues outside of school.

Summer Training

Reminder: Please be sure to sign up for mandatory summer training in MyLearningPlan. Also, it would be GREAT for you to sign up for any Google or technology training this summer. I was looking through the courses offered this summer and noticed A LOT of great PD!

Lesson Plans - Reading & Math (DUE-June 17)

I will be meeting with a committee of staff and folks from T&L to discuss planning tools for next year. Please be sure to submit a copy of your reading and math lesson plans before the last day of school. You could give me a hard copy or send it in an email. Please be sure to have your name on your lesson plans. I need a copy from every teacher, including special education teachers. Thanks!

Report Cards

It would be great to have grades/comments completed by Wednesday, June 15th.

*We will not have enough time to proofread and edit all of the comments. Please make sure you carefully review your own comments and possibly have a colleague double-check them for you.

Staffing Changes for Next Year

  • Lisa Miller – Kindergarten
  • Lynnie Fand – Grade 1
  • Shellie Hazuda – Grade 1
  • Izzie Perez – Grade 2 SI
  • Caye Harvey – Grade 2
  • Rebekah Goshert – Grade 3
  • Amy Calicchio – Grade 3
  • Matt Nichols – Grade 3
  • Jennifer Archual - Grade 3
  • Vacancies - Grade 1 & 3
  • Jodi Lamberson - Special Ed (Tammy's Position)
  • Kim Nolette – Media Assistant
  • Kristin Lineberry - .5 PE Asst./.5 Teacher Asst.
  • Rachel Abraham - .5 Teacher Assistant
  • Elizabeth Davis .5 Kinder & .5 General Assistant - Same as this year
  • Kathleen (Katie) E. Aladj, Counselor
  • Melinda Jones, .2 Art
  • Lori Clarke – Compliance Specialist at JBD & Kings Grant (Speech will be itinerant)
  • Vacancies - 2 PALS Positions (Donna B. will be a TA at Luxford ES)

Weekly Happenings

Monday, 6/13/16

· 9:00 Gr. 3 Expedited SOL Testing, Math, part 1 - room 14

· 9:00 Gr. 5 Expedited Testing, SOL Math, part 2 - room 19

· 2:00-3:00 Gr. 5 practice in cafeteria/on stage

Tuesday, 6/14/16

· Primary Voting Day, in library

· 8:55-9:40 Gr. 5 Chorus party, in cafeteria

· 9:00 Expedited SOL Make-up Testing

· 2:00-3:00 Gr. 5 Bridging practice, in cafeteria/on stage

· 7:00-8:30 Gr. 5 strings performing @ Lynnhaven Mall

Wednesday, 6/15/16

· Staff Jeans Day - $5 to Brenda H. or Susan A. to participate

· Last day of classes with specialists

· PE Awards for gr. 1-5, in gym during grade level PE zone

· 9:00 Expedited SOL Make-up Testing

· 1:00-3:00 Gr. 5 viewing ‘Remember the Titans’, in library

· 1:30-4:30 Charlene OOTB for EPL meeting

· 3:30-4:15 Weight Watchers meeting, in library

Thursday, 6/16/16

· 9:00 Expedited SOL Make-up Testing

· 9:00-9:30 Dedication of Donna K’s tree

· 9:00-12:30 Gr. 1 end-of-year celebration at Susan Anderson’s home

· 10:00-2:00 Gr. 5 Pool Party

· 10:30-11:00 Playground reserved for Nelson’s AM class

· 1:45-2:15 Playground reserved for Nelson’s PM class

· 2:00-3:30 Set up for Bridging Ceremony, in cafeteria/on stage

· 2:30 5th Graders Farewell Walk, 4th & 1st grade hallway

Friday, 6/17/16

· End of 4th quarter

· Last day to submit Spanish Immersion applications

· Adjusted Dismissal @ 12:40 pm

· 9:00 Gr. 5 Bridging Ceremony, in cafeteria/on stage

· 1:00 Staff Luncheon & Celebration, in cafeteria

Monday, 6/20/16

· Staff Flex Day

Tuesday, 6/21/16 and beyond…

· Have a fabulous summer!

Future Events -


*See many of your during mandatory summer training.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Happy Birthday to...

June Birthdays

Sonia Johnson, 15th

Fara Faust, 19th

Meghan Deihl, 22nd

Bruce Clarke, 25th


  • #ExtraordinaryPuckett - Thank you Marcia Puckett for helping our students SHINE on Monday night! You are absolutely amazing.
  • #TeamWork=DreamWork! - Thanks to Kim Nolette and Melissa Johnston for everything you did for the musical and pulling it together to support Marica.
  • #Grade5Idols - Thanks to the Grade 5 team for putting on the Virginia Idol event for our students. It was a terrific way to review content.
  • #Grade5Interview - Thanks to Sarah Robinson for visiting my class and allowing my students to interview her.
  • #MeteorologistSkype - Thanks to Nikki for setting up the skype with the meteorologist so fifth grade could review our weather objectives in a relevant way.
  • #DecorGuru - Thanks to Kim Nolette for being my decorating guru for the fifth grade tea held in the library. She knows how to transform and beautify a space!
  • #SSReviewKuddos - Thanks to Fara for creating great SOL reviews for fifth grade!!

Amazing Spring Musical - 'The Inside Pitch'

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Big image

Fun & Engaging Math Review

Big image

New Rain Barrel for our Learning Garden

Big image
Big image

Grade 5 Skypes with WVEC's Jeff Lawson

Big image
Big image

Mrs. Everette's Class Learning about American Symbols - Way to go!

Big image
Big image

Noah as a Picture Frame - :) Cutie!

Big image

Kindergarten is READY for Grade 1

Mrs. Toone puts together an adorable book for each student - thanks Mrs. Toone!

Big image

SOL Reward - Grade 4 Kickball

Big image

Wow, Look What is Growing in the Learning Garden!

Big image
Big image

Staff Party!

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Big image
Big image

I just can't get enough of this precious little guy - Finn Davey!

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Big image

My little man in summer-mode!

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Big image
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