Science in Soccer

By Siddharth, Rylan, Dyani, Avery

Length and width

You have to play on a 115m long and 75m wide. A soccer ball is 75 inches in diameter. A goal is 10ft wide and 8ft high.

intresting facts


They only say soccer in the U.S.A. and Canada other wise it's football.the first game was in China.The first black player played in the 1800's.You run six miles each game.It's really poplar. You have to us a lots of force to kick the ball far. the less force the ball will go with less speed. The fewest number to watch the world cup game was in 1930 with 300 fans.The most fans to watch the world cup game was in 9150 with 119,850 fans . the very first game of basketball was played with a soccer ball.

about the authors

Hi my name is rylan I am a soccer,baseball, and basketball player and I really like to do sports and I like to do read and do math and my favorite food is cheese burgers and pizza and I really like to play outside with my brother.Hi my name is Avery I am so cool and awesome don't forget that I play soccer.Hi my name is Dyani and i am a soccer.Hi my name is Siddharth i am so cool i have a dog named Duke i am the coolest.