The Black Death

By: Alex Heigl and Brandon Duffy


The epidemic of The Black Death killed millions of people, leaving a country in hostility. It began in China, went through Asia and into Europe. Killing over 25 million people in the 1340's, it was considered the worst epidemic in all of history. It started out as a common cold. What it did next is travel throughout the entire body, infecting every major organ. Side effects of this disease were sores or lumps on your body, spitting up blood and not one person was immune to it. People in the 1340's would blame the Jews for this epidemic and said that it was "God's Punishment" for all the wrong that they did.
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The plague started in China in the year 1348. The way the disease spread was ships would carry cargo or supplies on ships from country to country, and while they were at a certain location, rats would get on these boats. What they didn't know is that the rats were carrying fleas that carried the venom for Bubonic Plague. These rats would eat the food that was being carried on the ships, and the people would eat the food and after that it spread like wild-fire. When the Plague stopped, It brought a lot of changes to the whole eastern continent. Wars were ended and trade was slowed down. People were afraid to go out on boat because they feared dying out at sea from the Plague. People were not allowed to gather in small groups because they feared it would spread quicker. After the Plague finally slowed down, It took 2 years for each country to regain its population from what it started at in 1348.
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Brandon and I received our information from 3 different locations. our first reference was from our handy World History book on page (327). Our second reference was from google. Here we got both of the pictures that we used in our s'more presentation. Our third reference was from Here we found our educational video on the Bubonic Plague.


In conclusion, this was a very interesting topic to research. If this were to happen in todays world, there would be uprising and I can see it never getting better.