Coping with Stress

February 4, 2016

Module 11 Open Today!

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Don't forget about your research essay!

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Digital Learning Day!

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Types of Coping Skills

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Best quotes from your stressed out assignment!

Jillian - Therefore, stress does not make us sick but, it makes us more likely to become sick by suppressing our immune system.

Excellent observation Jillian!

Emma - I choose to make my stress eustress, not distress.

Awesome this needs to be in a fortune cookie!

Extra Credit Possibility!

One of the common trends that I noticed that many of you stated that if you could just manage your time better and get more sleep you would be less stressed. You are the master of your own destiny in achieving your dreams. Make it happen! For a 5 point bonus on either your essay test, research essay or your MC Test (whichever is lower) text me which psychological perspective would most agree with that statement and advice and why? (Yes there is a right answer)! 347-676-1757