Physician Interview


"I see myself continuing this career because i love my job"

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About Dr. Walden

Went to Medical school at the University Of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston(UTMB)

Residency completed at the University of Iowa

Owner and Physician of Walden Family Medicine, P.A( Professional Association)

how long have you been a physician?

She has been a M.D Physician for 20 years

how did you first get involved in this career?

she wanted to become a doctor at the age of 16 but chose a different career path. For 3 years she taught music in college but she did not enjoy it, so she went back to college and got the requirements needed for medical school.

Training needed to become a Physician

Medical School, Residency and Family Medicine, Working part time at local emergency departments, and continuing medical seminars.

College Education

Can I do this out of High School?

To be able to work in this career field it requires 4 years of undergrad college, then apply for medical school so you can not complete this after high etc. without these requirements.

Can you get college reimbursement?

Undergraduate- Based on High School Scholastics (GPA)

Typical days as a M.D Physician

What is a typical day like?

She examine patients, review medical lab/test results, visit nursing home patients, talk to patients on phone with health care (questions etc.), and lastly talk to other physicians about patient options or other important discussions.

How much vacation time do you get a year?

Since Dr. Walden is self employed she only gives herself 2 weeks of vacation time spread throughout the year.

Advancement and Job Outlook

There are absolutely many opportunities for advancement like:

1. Becoming a research hospitalist

2. Working in minor emergency clinics

3. Writing books or articles for medical school for publication

What does the Job Outlook look like?

Great, because there will always be family medical professions, and people will always get sick.

On the other hand Health Care is drastically changing so instead of a lot of solo practices it will switch more into group practices.

Most interesting project Dr. Walden has been involved with

Most rewarding would be, being on a team with other health care Physicians visiting schools and teaching students how to protect themselves from diseases and other issues dealing with the body.

Most interesting would have been working as a physician in the Emergency room because it was so exciting because there were so many different injuries and scenarios that walked through the hospital doors.