The Immune System!

And its organs

How it works

It works by recognizing self and non self once it recognizes its non self it will use tactics to destroy the virus.

lymph nodes

They are small bean shaped organs and are concentrated in the arm pits, neck, and groin. They multiply to fight off disease

Bone marrow

A soft tissue inside of your bones that creates blood cells

spleen gland

the spleen is the largest lymphatic organ and it releases white blood cells into a blood stream.

Thymus Gland

The thymus gland is in the chest it stores white blood cells where it allows them to mature.


They are at the back your throat an tongue. tonsils help defend the body against infections.
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Lymph vessels

They are small vessels that carry lymph back to the lymph node

Organism: human body

the human body is the organism that the immune system works for.


Sadly the nodes can become infected and then have cancer cells.