To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.


Marketing and messaging the tremendous work we are achieving in our schools is a high priority of the district. We were heavily featured in the De. Business Times supplemental periodical, STUFF. Thanks to Kathy for pushing this work and when possible please share these features so our staff knows one of the ways we are marketing out brand.

Always remember, #NCCVTWORKS

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Weekly Brief

1. Special thank you to Mike and Sean and all of the school teams for overseeing and running the annual unit count. This is one of our biggest responsibilities as a district and I appreciate everyone's diligence.

2. Special thank you to Terri and her team for putting together another incredible Technology conference. As we all know, PD is just the beginning. Too often what is taught in PD is never really learned and as a result doesn't make its way into the classroom. Knowing this, please take time and evaluate the following:

  1. how will you support what was learned during the conference so it positively impacts teaching and learning?
  2. how can you build on this learning throughout the year?

3. I attended the annual Chief School Association retreat. We invited and spoke to our institutes of higher education regarding the the teacher shortage and ways we can partner to develop a more robust educator pipeline.

Up Ahead: Quality Control

Quality Control--each area we supervise has many moving parts. Identifying those parts and creating checks on how well they are operating, essentially a systems check, is a powerful way to determine overall effectiveness.

One example and area to highlight this week is grade books. As administrators, we focus on instruction but a critical question is how well do our grade books accurately reflect student learning? Two easy ways to determine this is by knowing the following:

1. Are all grade books set up accurately?

2. How many assignments comprise a grade?

Take time over the next week to check teacher grade books. The MP end in three weeks and we need to make sure grade books are set up accurately and have a balanced amount of assignments.

Those outside of schools can easily hone in on a major area of responsibility, identify all the moving parts, and then analyze how well the parts are operating.

Quote on Principle I--Instruction

“Those teachers who are students of their own impact are the teachers who are the most influential in raising students’ achievement.”
John Hattie, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning

NCCVT Instruction Principles

· Continuously cultivate an inclusive, caring, and supportive school community that promotes the academic success and well-being of each student.

· Acquire relevant and cutting-edge knowledge of effective pedagogy to inform course design and teaching & learning.

· Create a culture of learning through inquiry, analysis, collaboration, and candid feedback.

Going Beyond...

There are certain learning strategies that are more effective than others. Becoming an expert on instructional strategies is critical to knowing what feedback can actually impact teacher's instruction.

Check out Hattie's work here.

Important Dates

  • Administrative council - October 9
  • Redding Consortium October 10
  • Teacher of the Year Banquet - October 15

  • Howard Field Ribbon Cutting - October 17