A Guide to Relaxed Parents

All you need to know about our Cuba trip!


Tuesday, June 14th, 3:30pm

1000 Airport Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh to Miami:

America Airlines 4418

Departing PIT - 6:04 PM --------------- Arriving 8:50 PM

Please meet at the American Airlines departure gate at 3:30PM promptly!

We will go through security once we've all gathered.

American Airlines Carry On Rules

We will not be checking any bags! Please following the following rules.

More information is available here.

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Charter Flight Info

MIA - HAV Wednesday June 15 Havana Air Flight EA3141 Departing 9AM

HAV - MIA Wednesday, June 22 Havana Air Flight EA3142 Departing 11 AM


Wednesday, June 22nd, 9:45pm

1000 Airport Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA

Miami - Pittsrburgh:

American Airlines 4407

Departing MIA 7:03 PM -------Arriving PIT 9:42PM

Please be at the airport to pick up your child outside of the baggage claim area at 9:45 PM.

In Case of Emergency

On Your End

Soon you will get the phone number of our local tour guide in case you need immediate contact.

Please refrain from contacting your child directly.

On Our End

We will call Judy Stewart, our point of contact, and she will contact you.

We will also have everyone's phone numbers in case we need to contact you directly.

Remember - no news is good news!!


Students will get...

An envelope with $130 in it to cover meals that are not part of the tour. You already paid this as part of the trip cost.

Students need to bring...

-$100 cash for tour guide/driver tip

-~$300 for snacks, souvenirs, anything else, but this number is completely up to you!

We will convert the money in Havana. There are no credit cards accepted, so please bring enough cash.

Students will be responsible to carrying their cash and passports for the duration of the trip.



We will not check bags. One personal item and one carry-on are okay.

Personal item - must be a small backpack or purse or it will be considered your carry-on.

If your carry-on weighs more than 20 lbs. you will be charged $20.