It Takes Ipads to Learn Not Paper!!

Learn why kids should get ipads!!

By Julia Parcher

Hello I’m Julia I’m in the fourth grade. I strongly believe that kids should get there own one-to-one ipads. I bet you're thinking we don’t need one-to-one ipads, but after this essay you will be thinking different. Here are some reasons I think that kids 3rd grade and up should get one-to-one ipads.

First of all, when kids get their new ipad they will want to learn more, and they will enjoy learning, and when they wake up they’ll want to go to school. It would also teach kids responsibility so when they grow up they will know how to handle priceless objects.

Next, teachers won’t have to talk as much and they will be happier that kids enjoy learning. Plus, kids can’t lose their homework it will be locked in their ipad. Kids should get a little fun right, well here you go, kids can go on the internet for thirty min, and can download up to five games they can only play on their games or the internet at recess or at home.

Finally, ipads are a privilege, so if they mess up or break it it gets taken away. Kids would actually appreciate school because of the ipads. Kids can take the ipads home in a case and use it for their homework or just to take good care of it, and take it home on the weekends. Don’t worry to buy the ipads the kids will pitch in one dollar I know you think thats not a lot but at least we're helping.

So now you’re thinking about getting us kids ipads. The ipads will teach kids valuable lessons for the real world. So those are some reasons I think that kids 3rd grade up should get their own ipad,I hope you think the same. I’m Julia, and I approve this message.
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