Earth and Environmental science

Weathering, Erosion, Deposition and Soil


Weathering is the process of breaking rocks down into sediment.

There are three types of weathering...

~Physical~ physical weathering, also called mechanical weathering, causes the rock to fall apart into smaller pieces

~Chcemical~ chemical weathering causes the rock to decompose; it also changes the chemical makeup of the rock

~Biological~ biological weathering occurs when plants cause rock to break up


Erosion is the movement of weathered materials from one location to another.

Agents of erosion include water, glaciers, wind, and gravity.


Deposition is the laying down of weathered material.

Soil Composition

soil is made up of minerals, air, water, and organic material.

Soil is what allows us to grow all of our plants. There are many types of soil but Cecil soil is the most common in NC. Soil is especially important in NC because we are an agricultural state. A lot of people in this state make their living from farming and that would not be possible without soil. Without soil, we would have no way to grow plants and no way to feed ourselves.

Weathering Erosion, and Deposition

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