The Choice Of Heracles

By: Avery Hawk & Saisha Joshi

Plot Summary

The choice of Heracles begins when Heracles is guarding the Cattle on Mount Cithaeron when two maidens arrive. These two maidens both offered him a way of life. Heracles chose the simple path; Virtue. A great yellow lion had been trying to hurt Heracles cattle and the maidens had been distracting him. Heracles was walking back and met with a messenger and when he heard what the messenger wanted he was very furious. The king Eriginus set some army men to punish Heracles for what he had done. Heracles did no favors for anyone after what had happened to him and Zeus was troubled because of this.
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Zeus was famous for being the king of the gods and having electricity bolts.
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Hera was famous for being Zeus's wife and being the goddess of marriage and family.