Do You Know the Monkey Man?

Hira & Victoria

A unique mystery novel by Dori Hillestad Butler

Do You know the Monkey Man? Sam and her friend visit a psychic house to reveal where her father is. The psychic says her sister is alive, even though she doesn’t really mention much about her father, but everyone is having a hard time believing it. With the help of her friend Coral, she emails a detective. After receiving an email back, it listed 3 numbers and addresses that were of 3 Joseph Wrights, Sam's actual father. She contacts them and realizes that the second one is the right number. Her friend Angela has to reluctantly visit her father who lives relatively near Sams father. She sneaks out to go with Angela to a neighboring state even though her mother didn’t give her permission to. Sam goes on a bus even though she was supposed to go on a different one back home and goes to what she believes is her father’s house. She reaches her destination. Is her sister really alive? Is her father there? Read Do You Know the Monkey Man? today to reveal the answers!

Character description

Samantha a.k.a. sam: 13 years old; believes her twin sister isn’t dead when the rest if the family does; trying to find her father; blonde hair; blue eyes; enjoys reading; static

Suzanne: getting married to bob; strict; Samantha's mother;dynamic

Bob: nice, young; cop; father dies when he was 13 while his father was trying to stop a convenience store robbery; marrying Suzanne; static

Angela: Sam’s best friend; always thinks negatively; father lives in Minnesota; she doesn’t like him

Theme: Things May Not Be what They Seem to Be

1) It seems that Bob doesn't understand what Sam feels and what she is going through, but in reality, he does.

2) It seems that Suzanne only cares about marrying Bob, but really she also loves her daughter, Sam.

3) It seems as if her twin sister is dead, however is she really?