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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Interview of Jenna Fox: The first illegal human created by Bio Gel

LAT: "How did you feel when you woke up from the coma?"
Jenna Fox: "It was an odd feeling, not knowing who you are. They told me my name was Jenna Fox. But I felt like there was a larger story to me, not just the facts they were telling me."
LAT: "When you first met Mr. Bender, what did you think of him?"
Jenna Fox: "I thought he was curious. Curious meaning he was inexplicable, highly unusual, odd, strange. But when he told me that I was curious, he referred to the word meaning that I was eager to learn or to know, inquisitive."
LAT: "When Ethan was driving you home, and you two had the conversation on how you two were dating or not, how did you feel?"
Jenna Fox: "Well, Ethan wanted to know why Lily was annoying, so I told him, 'Because she said we shouldn't be dating--' After I said that, I knew that it was stupid. The conversation went down hill, with Ethan thinking that my family thought we were dating."
LAT: "How did it feel when you were allowed to go to school?"
Jenna Fox: "At first I was amazed that I could actually go to school. I thought going to school was out of the question. Then I saw Claire crying. And Lily praying. I knew they didn't think it was the best idea, for me to go to school. I just tried to forget all about it on a walk."
LAT: "How did you act when yiu realized you were ten percent human, and ninety percent Bio Gel?"
Jenna Fox: "As my Claire spoke about what parts of me was Bio Gel, I was breaking down. I could barely stand. I yelled at her, and I wanted to know everything. Then Lily intervened and told me that I was was only ten percent human."
LAT: "After you knew what you were, Bio Gel, did you think you were even human?"
Jenna Fox: "I was searching the definition of human for hours, trying to find out which definition was right. Then, I didn't know what I was."

LAT: "How angry did you get when you thought you were programmed?"

Jenna Fox: "I started by acting happy/odd. Then, when I went to get a plate, I dropped it. Then another plate, another plate, and another plate. I screamed at Claire, and she explained what was going on."

LAT: "What was your fashion after the accident?"

Jenna Fox: "I only had blue clothes, that was it. Lily told me to ask for simple things. I told Claire that I wanted something red. I got it."

LAT: "How did you react when you thought you killed Kara and Locke?"

Jenna Fox: "I knew I wouldn't do something like that. I would remember that. But I realized someone might have blocked it. Now I know it wasn't me."

LAT: "What was your reaction when you found out it wasn't you who killed your friends?"

Jenna Fox: "One part of me was relieved that I didn't kill my friends. The other side of me felt bad because it was partly all of our faults, when I was the only one who survived, and they died."

Jenna Fox (above)


In honor of all those who have died: Clayton Bender, an Environmental Artist and good friend of Jenna Fox; Mathew Fox, Jenna's dad who would do anything for her and is the creator of Bio Gel, which kept Jenna alive; Claire Fox, Jenna's loving mom who quit her job to help out Jenna; Lily Fox, Jenna's grandmother who misses the old Jenna, but still loves her; Ethan, Jenna's boyfriend and he almost killed a man; Kara Manning, Jenna's friend who died in a car wreck; Locke Jenkins, Jenna's friend who died in a car wreck; Dane, he was an outsider and was missing something.

FSEB changing what it means to be human

The FSEB has changed what it means to be human. They have said that a human is anyone with a soul and a mind of their own. So, Jenna Fox would be considered human. However, If someone violates this new rule, they should not be treated like a human.


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