Aviation Fuel Challenges

Challenges Faced By Global Aviation Industry

Challenges Faced By Global Aviation Industry

Aviation is one of the booming industries catering to the traveling needs of millions of passengers travelling abroad. Aviation has substantial contribution in the GDP growth of a particular company. Moreover, it has connected countries and enabled people—families, friends, and business colleagues travel to different parts of the world whenever required. Regardless of the seamless services and instant connectivity, the aviation industry is facing several challenges as it heads into the future; three major challenges faced by aviation industry include safety, convenience and environmental and financial sustainability.


Although flying today is safest solution than ever, there have been some cases of planes going missing in the past few years. This year too we had the sour taste of that reality, with two severe tragedies involving Malaysia Airlines are still fresh in our minds. Every day thousands of flights take-off the port and arrive safely at their planned destination. What happened with these two Malaysian Airline flights is still a mystery, but one thing is for sure, we still need to revise aviation safety measures.


The focal point of aviation industry is passenger experience. It is the duty of aviation industry is to ensure safety and convenience of its passengers travelling day in day out. There is no denying the fact that travelling experience in the aviation industry has improved by leaps and bound. But there are moments of frustration still prevalent among passengers travelling on daily basis. Several practices in the industry still need attention to offer hassle free experience to its passengers.


Nothing can be guaranteed about the future of the aviation industry if the industry is not sustainable. Two major dimensions of the sustainability in aviation industry are environment and finances.


The other dimension of sustainability is profitability. Despite all the benefits aviation industry brings to the world, it involves vast amount of investment. The industry today has become a very competitive and tough business. To suffice the booming level of competition, it has become essential to switch to advanced technologies that can generate significant profits year on year.


Environment sustainability is perhaps the biggest challenge for aviation industry that burn fuel to drive their aircraft. Daily combustion of fuel in airplanes pose a severe threat to atmosphere, and with depleting ozone layer, it has become pivotal to switch to some environmental friendly technologies. Among other needs of environmental friendly technologies, airplane fuel is of primary concern.

Aviation Conferences

Every year aviation conferences take place around the world. Most of which are specifically planned around the challenges faced by the aviation industry; such as commitment to achieve environment carbon-neutral growth as per the industry standards, various measures to develop fuel efficiency of aircraft engines and how to invest in bio-fuel industry. Such conferences share the platform with industry experts as well as the participants. You can find about the aviation conference 2015 on the internet. Attending such conferences can help you understand the latest technological developments in the realm of aviation industry and how your business can be profited from them, how you can contribute to keep the environment safe.

Nevertheless, the good news among all this turmoil surrounding aviation industry is that the industry has improved on the recent past. Despite all the economic meltdown happening around the globe, the demand for fast connectivity that only aviation can provide is still growing.
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