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February 2023 Newsletter

Cypress Elementary is a learning community dedicated to developing resilient, lifelong learners who will work towards reaching their highest potential.

Jeanne Krapfl, Principal and Erika Tonello, Assistant Principal

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Message from Jeanne Krapfl

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff,

I want to take this opportunity to share the difference between being a bully and having a conflict. Please know that both situations can result in consequences!

CONFLICT: Our school has 650 children and many times they do not know how to deal with difficult situations between each other, which generates frustration, disagreement, or even anger. These conflicts turn to verbal and sometimes physical aggression due to a lack of skills on how to deal with conflict. I bet you see this happen at home between siblings when they get mad at each other- now imagine your home with 25 kids in a small space, day after day for 6 hours or even 125 kids running around your yard. Conflict is going to happen and as a community partnership it is everyone’s responsibility to help teach children what to do when they get frustrated, angry, or have a conflict. Conflict that results in verbal or physical aggression can absolutely warrant consequences and all students involved need to be retaught a better solution so that this doesn’t keep happening. Most situations on our campus are conflicts between students and do not meet the definition of bullying.

BULLYING : In a few rare occasions, we have had bullying and here is how we determine this outcome. When someone is bullying another, there are 3 questions that help determine if it’s bullying.

1. Is there an imbalance of power such as size difference, confidence difference, or age difference. We might think of this as the old saying, “picking on the underdog.”

2. The next question we ask to determine if it’s a bullying situation; is this a repetitive recurrence that happens over and over. Just like in the movies where the kid gets pushed down and the bullies take his lunch money day after day.

3. Lastly, we ask was there an intentional plan. Did the bully wake up that day saying that they were going to find that student and do something mean to them.

Did they seek them out to do something harmful, embarrassing or belittling. Bullying determinations stay with a child their entire school setting and there are action plans created with a student and family to stop this demeanor.

Here is where we need your help. A complaint that a child is being bullied is taken very seriously and there is a formal process that must occur. We start with a lengthy investigation process that the Administration and Student Services Team conducts. We pull students out of class (witnesses) to ask many questions, we make multiple parent phone calls, and we talk to as many adults with information as possible. This does mean a loss of learning and teaching. So, we ask that you use the 3 questions above to help you when deciding to report bullying. Now, with this said there is still actions that happen when students have conflict and consequences can still be given. Sometimes those consequences are given by the teacher and match the conflict, sometimes it rises to administration level, and sometimes we involve parents. Some conflicts are fixed easily, while others take more time and effort. It really depends on each situation. So, I’m asking that you start with your child’s teacher, as many times they have already addressed the conflict or witnessed it and have specific information. Most teachers have DOJO, Remind, or even old-fashioned email that you can get from going to our website. Thank you for your help and please know that every day we are working to create an environment of kindness, leadership, and focused learners. We teach students to stand up to bullies by telling them to stop, walking away from them, therefore taking away their power over your emotions, and by spreading kindness because it’s the opposite of bullying. I hope this helps create more understanding as we work to make Cypress a school where everyone is learning and enjoying positive relationships!

February Calendar

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Cypress PTO

Join us for our next monthly PTO Meeting on Tuesday, February 21st at 4 PM in the Media

Unable to attend in person? Don’t worry!

A zoom link is available, please email for the link.

Haven’t joined the PTO for 2022-2023? It’s never too late and there are no requirements once signed up! You can be as involved as you would like! Join through Rycor at any time!

Look for our next PTO Family Event! PTO Decades Dance Wednesday, March 8th. Tentatively 5 - 7 PM.

December Popcorn Days (You can purchase your Popcorn Pass on Rycor)

February 3 Primary Popcorn

February 10 Intermediate Popcorn

Staff in the Spotlight

This month’s staff spotlight goes to our Team Leaders! We have 6 grades and each of those grades has a teacher leader that ensures the team is moving forward, prepared for teaching, ready for field trips, and most importantly planning for instruction!

Ms. Bevan in Kindergarten has many years teaching at Cypress! She just gets it done no matter what and I truly appreciate her sense of humor and love of children! Thanks to her planning, Kindergarten is back to experiencing extra activities, such as the parades, that build a love of school.

Ms. German in 1st grade takes on additional leadership roles to include planning the before and after school programs, which benefits her grade level as well as many other grade levels. She has a special way of helping students with special needs and is one of a kind!

Ms. Cotner has been our 2nd grade leader and has done this role well even though it was not one of choice. We have had many informal leaders in 2nd grade to include Ms. N. Miller and Mr. Foreman as well. They each have their special qualities and have worked together to keep 2nd grade successful!

Ms. Wicklein leads the 3rd grade and has become our SAC President this year. She is the first to turn things in on her team’s behalf and has generously mentored many new teachers. She has a model classroom and is appreciated by many!

Ms. Rodriguez is not only our 4th grade leader, but she is also our Teacher of the Year! Kids love her, respect her and want to work for her. She continues to be a constant for our learners and her team.

Ms. Livingston has the honor to lead our oldest, ready for middle school, crew! She does an amazing job with our 5th grade students and her teammates enjoy collaborating in her room each day while they eat lunch. She has a great calm disposition, and her focus is always on student growth!

--Ms. Krapfl

February Staff Birthdays

February 6 Brenda Wyllins

February 7 Angel Ruiz

February 10 Dawn Justice

February 11 Tim Leaver

February 11 Michele Brandon

February 14 Kara Meyer

February 23 Dale Krispin

Do you want to celebrate a staff member? Please email the Principal at with what you would like to share, and she’ll be sure to acknowledge the staff member.

Cypress Business and Community Partners

We would like to thank the following members of our Cypress Community for partnering with us. Through donations from the community; our students, staff, and families benefit from necessary resources for a successful school year!

Riverwalk Publix

Mamma Mia Pizzeria, New Port Richey

Sam's New York Pizza

Banko Garage Doors

Pasco Education Foundation

Janet Litzel and Friends

Heart to Heart Women's Group

The O'Connell Family

Pasco County Property Appraisers Office

River Ridge McDonald's

Nifty Niners Golf Association

The Fielding Family

The "Bear Makers" of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

English/Language Arts Parent Information

Click here to view specific grade level parent information for our English/Language Arts Curriculum.

Lost and Found

To help reduce the amount of lost and found jackets and sweaters, please label your child's jackets with a name or initials on the tag. All items not claimed after a few months will be donated to a local charitable organization.