Is Canada the greatest country

by claudia dass

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Canada is indeed the greatest country in the world,unlike other country's it has more job opportunities, Great education and a good health system compared to other countries e.g U.S . Canada has no war like some countries such Afghanistan, this is one of the main reasons why most immigrants come to Canada . Canada is also a free country, you have the right to go to school if you're girl or a boy, you have the right to freedom of speech to speak about what you want without being told what to say or think.

Changing population.


Canada's population changes every year due to the large amount of immigrates Canada accepts each year. The current number of immigrants that immigrate to Canada is almost 250,000 yearly since 1991.Canada is very diverse and multicultural they accept you no matter your religion or race you are.Some reasons why people come to Canada are endless but the most common ones are poor living conditions, their country has lack of job opportunities lack of civil rights and mostly war/fear of persecution in their home and/or country.


The FNMI make up a huge part in Canada population,The first nation is the biggest most populated group in Canada because of their high fertility rate, and the Metis is the second biggest populated aboriginal group.The Inuit is the least populated aboriginal group in Canada. Canada population of July 2014 Canada population was estimated to be 35540400 meaning our population grew by only 1.1%(386100 people) Our population growth was smaller compared to last year.

Population decrease/increase

In the decades from 1861 to 1901, the population slowly increased by a few million, at a average growth rate less than 1.3% per year.Between 1901 and 1921, the population increased almost 3% yearly on average. Then it gradually slowed in the following decades, to just above 1% between 1931 and 1941.In the decades from 1941 to 1971, the population increased owing to the baby-boom and strong immigration.

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Managing Canada resources and industries

Oil Sands

One of Canada's main resources is oil.Canada however has many problems dealing with oil sands which is the main source of getting oil. Getting the oil out of the sands is a though process which causes a lot of water and air pollution,but Canada is trying to improve a more friendly way to make a more cleaner environment. They have paid more then $25,000 into research networks to observe how to focus on cleaner production.

International Trading

Canada has a lot of natural resource that they export internationally such as wood, oil, coal, fish, wheat etc. Canada is one of the worlds most largest producers of zinc uranium and other natural resources such as gold nickel, aluminum and lead which they export through a trade called NAFTA. NAFTA allows Canada to trade between Mexico and US without paying for most of the tariffs. The fishing industries is also a big trade for Canada because they export almost 50% of what they catch and export it to other countries.

interactions in the physical environment

Vegetation Regions

In Canada there are 7 vegetation regions,Tundra which grow small scrubs and mosses but due to the cold weather and permafrost so trees do not grow here, Boreal forest which consist of mostly coniferous trees and is the largest vegetation region in Canada, Mixed wood forest which Is in a transition zone between the Boreal forest of the north and the deciduous forest of the south,Has both Deciduous and Coniferous trees. Deciduous forest which consist of maple trees, beech, hickory, ash and black walnut this vegetation is located in southern ontario. Grasslands Also known as the prairies,are Very dry to lack of rain and high levels of evaporation. Trees have difficulty growing. Cordilleras Has varied vegetation due to the changes in climate due to increased elevation. Traditionally characterized by coniferous trees that turn into small shrubs and mosses with higher altitudes West Coast Forest Heavy rainfall and mild climate create the conditions for excellent tree growth. Large old growth forests are here.

Liveable community's

Urban sprawl.

Urban sprawl is ruining Canadian environments,as all the rural areas are being urbanized because of the demands of urbanization. If urban sprawl continues our transportation will be affected because there will be too much traffic congestion, which will cost a lot of money to fix, since more roads need to be expanded. Our municipal infrastructure will also be affected because we will be packed up, meaning that our city will be clustered, and most clustered cities have troubles protecting their image/reputation/municipal infrastructure. Some solutions that can help Canada maintain their urban sprawl is following the smart growth plan. The smart growth plan is when instead of rushing through city development we can plan out and organize the city's development. If we plan out our city's development we can slow down urban sprawl, giving us more control in this way.