Library Report

Winter 2016

What's New?

New books have arrived!

We have 52 new eBooks. Click here to see a complete list of the new ebook titles.

All of our ebooks can be read for free online from any device that gets internet access. Visit the home page of our library website at for information on how to access ebooks.

We also have 170 new print books. Click here to see a complete list of the new print titles. Visit the library soon to check out a few titles to read over Spring Break.


Our Makerspace makeover is complete and ready to receive students. Visit the library during homeroom or lunch to show off your creative abilities. Listen for scheduled Makerspace events to resume soon. Have an activity in mind? See Mrs. Adams with suggestions. Teachers-do you have a crafty talent? Would you like to host a Makerspace event? Let me know!

New Books!

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Makerspace Makeover

Student Library Use:

Students continue to visit the library regularly by choice for a variety of reasons. We had nearly 2,000 individual student visitors during homeroom and lunch this winter. We think that's pretty impressive considering the library had to close its doors several days for testing!

Note: The graph below includes only students who came with lunch passes from the cafeteria. We also have numerous lunch bunch groups who use the library to meet daily. These students have been trained to begin signing into LibraryTrac so their data can be included in the reports!)

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Class Library Use:

Class visits:

Ms. Seifert's World Cultures classes did exciting research on World Religions--Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Mr. Darchicourt's classes explored a Growth Mindset learning about how our brain works to make neural connections and how, with effort, we can make those connections increasingly stronger.

Mr. Sapp's classes visited on two occasions during the winter months for work on their PBA and for book talks and checkout.

Ms. Geary's classes researched gods, goddesses, heroes, and creatures from Greek mythology in order to determine their relevance to modern culture. They later created "Wanted" posters for their chosen mythological Greek character. On a separate occassion, Ms. Geary's classes visited for book checkout.

Growth Mindset

Greek Mythology

What's Next?

  • 7th grade students will visit the library to complete research for their STEM investigation. They will be investigating how healthy choices can improve urban living.
  • Mrs. Adams will be "going mobile" during PARCC testing, visiting classrooms and doing mobile book checkout while the library is closed for testing.
  • Now that our Makerspace has been revamped, Makerspace events will resume during lunch shifts.