Wanted: New Parent

Would you like to be the new parent of a young teenage girl?

A parent is needed to fill the position. This will include caring and being responsible for a young teenage girl.There are many responsibilities to being a parent, having the characteristics, responsibilities and duties that meet the requirements.


Responsibilities and Duties?

This child is involved in All-star cheerleading and dance classes. She has many appointments and practices throughout the week. She will needed to be taken to these things. Others extra stuff outside of school is involved in the life of this child, but does not occur as often as the ones listed before. She is also involved in 4-H, having to find time for projects and her horse. She has many duties to fulfill at home, including exercising and training her horses, chores, stretching daily, and taking care of other responsibilities due to her.

What's the Salary?

You will be paid with the love of this child, along with their respect for you. They will make you feel appreciated and wanted in the relationship. When the child is feeling generous and that you are doing an excellent job, they may repay you in some personal time or in even giving you a little attention.

What will you benefit from this?

You will have the benefits of being able to care for a child and know that you are important and necessary in someones life. Also benefitting from this, is the experience of parenthood, educating a child and knowing that you are having an impact on their lives.