Belly Binding Richmond

Belly Binding after Home Birth

After birth, everything feels loose, and jiggly and, well, different! All your muscles and organs are trying to settle back into their pre-pregnancy spaces, but it takes some time. Many different cultures have believed in belly binding, and while I was working on the border of Mexico, many new grandmothers took the binding very seriously! Mothers would be bound tightly as soon as they stood up, always starting low on the hips and working upward, in order to encourage the uterus back into it’s pre-pregnancy position.

It is believed that a bengkung binding can:
* flatten your postpartum tummy and tighten the abdomen
* protect the internal organs as well as help swollen organs return to their pre-baby state
* promote good posture (that will aid in breastfeeding)
* cover belly for more discreet breastfeeding (if worn under clothes)

Belly Binding can be started 3 days after a vaginal birth, and typically, 4-6 weeks after a cesarean. Mothers can wear the binding 24 hours a day, but typically find 12-15 hours to be comfortable and give them time to wash and dry the binding. Our home visit with you will include binding you for the first time, teaching you how to bind yourself and a beautiful binding to keep.

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